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Welcome to Geeks Cheaper, a PC, mobile and website design company dedicated to offering friendly, excellent services for a fair price. We offer tutoring, troubleshooting, setup, upgrade and repair services locally to Sequim, WA and the upper Olympic Peninsula, and remotely to the World-Wide Web. We won't let distance stop us - we can customize and send devices or computers to you wherever you are and help you remotely with any issues you might have!

If you're viewing this page, chances are that you're looking for help with your technology, whether that's your computer, smartphone, tablet, website, or something else entirely. You might be experiencing malware infection, system crashes, or you just wish your computer was faster.

If you've had to hire a computer tech before, you might be used to overpriced or inefficient services, long wait times, and even arrogance or excuse-making when all you really want is your problems solved on your schedule! If you have taken your device back to the store where you got it, you might have been quoted an astronomical repair fee which makes it seem easier and more economical to "just buy a new one".

Whether or not you've experienced any of these things, you have our promise that our services will leave you fully satisfied if not pleasantly surprised. So without further ado, we invite you to browse through our services and contact us if you have any questions. We hope to hear from you soon! :-)

Geeks Cheaper was founded by Brendan McNamara, who has been building and fixing computers and websites since the age of 12. Having been officially trained in career-prep computer repair, website development, and graphic design in high school and college, Brendan also had the illuminating experience of working in one of the biggest names of the IT Service Industry - where initial excitement gave way to disgust upon witnessing the business practices on the inside. People were being given the run-around on purpose - charged through the nose for services to install expensive software that they could have gotten for free - and our young aspiring technician was told to keep valuable software that would have kept customers from having to come back a secret for "job security". So he quit, and decided to use his skills and code of ethics to found a new kind of service company, one that puts the customer's needs first, in the hopes of reversing this disturbing big-box "service" trend. He hopes to unite geeks around the country under an ethical and moral standard - to deliver the utmost in service, no holds barred, for a price that leaves the customer satisfied.

Hear from some satisfied customers -

"Brendan made 2 of my computers run faster and better than new. He was prompt at pickup & delivering them back, at the price he promised. I highly recommend him."

"I cannot fully express how pleased I am to find Brendan ... I had a whole list of problems and questions with which I needed help ...he took care of everything, plus a lot more.....he has my highest recommendation...."

"I would highly recommend Brendan to anyone looking to avoid the hassle of having to deal with the run around and high prices of computer shops in the area. Was able to start working to fix my computer the day it broke and had it back to me in a timely fashion. Will do business with him again for sure!"

Read more testimonials here...

Computer Sales and Support
Malware Infection Removal ($60-80)
System Software Speed-Boost ($40-60)
New Custom Desktops (under $400!)
New and Refurbished Laptops (under $400!)
Hardware Repair & Upgrades ($20-60)
Tutoring / Mentoring (by the hour)
Internet & Network Setup and Repair ($40-60)
Serious System Repair or Restore ($60-80)
Data Backup & Recovery ($40-60)
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Smartphones and Tablets
New Mobile Plan Consultation ($20)
Battery and App Optimization ($20)
Security Installation ($20)
Remote Access to your Computer ($20)
Sync your Contacts, Email, Calendar ($30)
Tutoring / Mentoring ($40 - 2 hours)
Screen and other Hardware Repair ($60-100)
New & Refurbished Devices (contact for price)
Networking with Other devices (contact for price)
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Website Design and Promotion
Basic Business Websites ($200-500)
eCommerce Shopping Carts ($200-300)
Video and Graphics Creation ($50-100 per item)
Social Media Optimization ($50-150)
Social Networking ($50-100 per month)
Local Business SEO ($50-100 per month)
Content Creation ($10-20 per item)
Advertising Campaigns ($50-150 per month)
Personal Websites ($150-300)

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