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Dear Frustrated Computer User,

We live in a world that's abuzz with technology. Only a decade and a half ago, the internet first started to enter the popular mindset, and now it fills our lives down to every little interaction. That's not necessarily a bad thing - we love it - it helps us to connect with others in the world over vast distances and fill our lives with infinite brand new media. But in this new ocean swim a new breed of sharks - brand new perils and scams and unknowns that make our newfound online lives that much more hazardous. Viruses, worms, trojans and hackers can make an otherwise-normal life suddenly nightmarish. The more we integrate our lives with cyberspace the more vulnerable we are, the more we "have to lose" - our communications, bookkeeping, music, photo memories, even our identity, are now mostly-electronic - and most people don't know the first thing about protecting it. But on the other hand, those who originally give us the ability to explore this brave new world, the makers and sellers of the technology, aren't much help either. Where are our guardians, who is keeping us safe? If the responsibility is out of the hands of the people who actually sell us this stuff and throw us out there, what protection do we have?

The fact is, there is no one protecting you on the internet but you. The first and final defense is knowledge. There is no absolute way to stay safe, but we believe that if you can go out there with some basic knowledge of how things work, how the many predators think, and how you can be preyed upon, you can make the decisions necessary to swim safely out there. This is the most important thing we offer - knowledge - because I know that no single piece of technology or software can ever offer 100% protection, but if you have the knowledge to use what's at hand, you can grasp it better and find a greater amount of solution and peace. Knowledge will save you money, help keep you safe, and help you get more satisfaction from your time on the computer. (Having a rock-solid foundation helps too.)

IT Support in this country and around the world is in a very sad state, because the stores and manufacturers of the technology often offer ineffective and overpriced tech services and products, and they do not provide the consumer with certain valuable information about the products and services they're purchasing. This usually helps perpetuate a cycle in which the customer gets frustrated, buys a brand new computer or device, and starts the whole process again - when they could've been spared the entire nightmare from the get-go. The nationwide brand "Geek Squad" charges almost $200 to just talk to someone and practically the price of a brand new computer to visit your house and resolve your issues. We intend to directly reverse this trend by providing quality services and support for a price that can actually save you money and help you out rather than funnel you into the purchase of unnecessary brand new equipment.

We pride ourselves on many things, the three most important of which are knowledge, humanity and honesty. As our customer, we will be absolutely honest with you; we will do our best do describe problems clearly, tell you what you need, what can be done and what should be done. I will give you more and better tools, information, and service than the "Other Guys" and for half the price or less. We will teach you, give you ideas and solutions and options, so that when your problems are solved or your project is finished, you will not only have received a service, but also a lifetime of valuable information. In fact, after we've helped you, we strive to never hear from you again about the same issue; although we guarantee steadfast follow-up support on any work that we do.

After all is said and done, we hope to have completely changed your ideas about technology and tech services altogether, to have set a new standard for how you expect to be dealt with by salesmen and service people for years to come. We hope to give you a fresh perspective, a fighting chance, and a leg up on the technology companies and the internet's manifold schemes and predators. And last but not least, we hope to provide you excellent computer services, cheaper.


- Brendan McNamara (the original Cheaper Geek.)


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